Q&A: Elementary School

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what are algorithms?
My child is having problems with algorithms. What are the best examples to you to practice this math...
Asked by Anonymous in Elementary School

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New school - new chance at friends
We just moved to a new town. I have a child entering 1st grade and one entering 5th. My 5th grade girl...
Asked by crystalL in Elementary School

(2 responses)

End of school gifts for teachers
Every year I organize a class gift for my kids teachers at the end of school. I don't have the time or...
Asked by RoryMc in Elementary School

(4 responses)

Class Placement
I have strong feelings about where my child should be placed next year. Should I talk to the principal...
Asked by Anonymous in Elementary School

(2 responses)

Reading at grade level?
How do I know if my child is reading at grade level?
Asked by Anonymous in Elementary School

(3 responses)

Play dates after school
Curious to hear at what age other people let their kids go to other kids houses after school who they...
Asked by dixiemom in Elementary School

(8 responses)

Report Card help
So my 2nd grader just came home with a bad report card. Not sure how to handle it. My older two have...
Asked by LizJ in Elementary School

(4 responses)

Taking kids out of school for vacation
I have kids in K, 3 & and want to take a vaca to go visit family in Germany. The prices fly during school...
Asked by JaneyG in Elementary School

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Parent teacher conference- teacher seemed to wing it!
We just had our PT conference for our 2nd son. It would seem that his teacher did nothing to prepare--...
Asked by LizJ in Elementary School

(10 responses)

Kindergartener acting up- teacher says he has ADHD- REPOSTED FOR AMBER
Hi I am having a problem with my son acting up in kindergarten. He has never went to preschool or daycare....
Asked by in Elementary School

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