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No wonder we are having trouble with the public schools
How is it that one year a school has no grade at all...had an "i" and then the next year receive an F...
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6 year old is having problems making friends
My 6.5 year old started in a new school and has a hard time making friends. There is a couple of kids...
Asked by adaych in Public School

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What if my child can't find her classes on the first day and she gets embar...
Im scared my daughter wont be able to find her classes on the first day of school and she will be embarssed...
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how to make a difference on kids being bullied
my son is 8 and we have this neighbor she is 12 her mom and i us to be friends but her mom and i had...
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My son is going to the 3rd grade but he actually flunked the 2nd
I have a son that is so far behind in school. He comes home and says mom they had a whole bunch of hard...
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how do I solve this problem. 2 apples cost $2.49, 2 bananas cost$1.04 . Estimate the total. Please show...
Asked by st.michael in Public School

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shool not doing enough to prevent bullying on my daughter
For about two years my daughter has been victim of bullying at school. We have made aware authorities...
Asked by photoworks in Public School

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Article usage
Can I use an article for our PTO newsletter?
Asked by upmom in Public School

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1st day of school
school calender for bakersville elementary school year 2009-2010 new hampshire
Asked by larry jerrier in Public School


Do you allow your children to watch TV or play on the computer before doing their homework?

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