Q&A: Gifted/Talented Kids

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how do i get my child help with financial sponsorship.she is into roller speed skating and has a chance...
Asked by a warner in Gifted/Talented Kids

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how to make my 3rd grader to move from 85% to above 90%
my daughter gets an A(80 to90%) directly. She understands quickly and studies well. but somehow she loses...
Asked by sinora07 in Gifted/Talented Kids

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Gifted in reading but not in math
What if my kid is ahead in reading (like can read chapter books in kindergarten), but is right on target...
Asked by ErinTM in Gifted/Talented Kids

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Help for gifted daughter
My 7 year old daughter is gifted and goes to a public elementary school. We have met with her teacher...
Asked by EmmaJ in Gifted/Talented Kids


Do you allow your children to watch TV or play on the computer before doing their homework?

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