Q&A: Discipline/Behavior

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ADHD difficulties
My son is diagnosed as ADHD- combined, with ODD (oppositional disorder). He has many issues after school,...
Asked by becky in Discipline/Behavior

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Son failing high school
My son is extremely intelligent. He recently took a test where the highest score the teacher had ever...
Asked by blondensmart in Discipline/Behavior

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13 yr old daughter
Can someone please give me some good advice on how to get your 13 yr old daughter to understand that...
Asked by katja94 in Discipline/Behavior

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My granddaughter pretends she is a butterfly etc while the other kids are doing their homework....she...
Asked by cvgonzales5 in Discipline/Behavior

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Nighttime behavior
For the last week my 8 year old (2nd) grader does not want to sleep upstairs and she won't fall asleep...
Asked by Concerned Older Mother in Discipline/Behavior

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special needs children
where do i go to find a school that has emotionally conflicted class. I live in west mobile & can't find...
Asked by dlegalsi in Discipline/Behavior

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My son is extremely athletic though on the small side. He excels in soccer (scoring often) and seems...
Asked by Anonymous in Discipline/Behavior

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Get Ready checklist
I want to customize my get ready checklist but it won't work. how do i customize it?
Asked by Amandatammy in Discipline/Behavior

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1st grade behavior
My 1st grader seems to be getting into trouble for talking and being silly a lot at school. His teacher...
Asked by Anonymous in Discipline/Behavior

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My daughter has lack of effort
My daughter is in 3rd grade and usually does very well. Mostly A and in excellerated classes. This year...
Asked by SAIL92 in Discipline/Behavior

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