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My 6th grade daugher refuses to do homework. She says it's "boring."
Asked by Syeda7860 in Challenges

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Failing in Science and Math
How do I get my 6th grade daughter to get better in science and math? She goes to middle school, and...
Asked by Anonymous in Challenges

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He cant read
My son is seven years old he is very good on math and his very smart but when it comes to read he just...
Asked by Anonymous in Challenges

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English clas
what hours of the day does the ruth houston center teach english classes?
Asked by lrdavis in Challenges

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Social Studies and language Arts
my son is struggling in both these classes and having a hard time comprehending. He is failing both classes,...
Asked by mocha9290 in Challenges

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pre k 3
My child will be turning 3 Dec 31 and I would like to put him in a prek3. Since he is an only child,...
Asked by tiff in Challenges

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Daughter had a 68 in her progress report. Asked teacher if she needed tutoring, she said no. Report card...
Asked by celin in Challenges

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math struggles
My daughter hates math and immediately shuts down when it's time for homework. She doesn't seem to absorb...
Asked by frustrated1 in Challenges

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Educational Rankings by State in United States
Which State is ranked #1,#2,#3......
Asked by Tom Staley in Challenges

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1st grade math
how do you solve this,you have 10 sticks in the am,your friends gives you some sticks,now you have 30,how...
Asked by brebel51 in Challenges


Do you allow your children to watch TV or play on the computer before doing their homework?