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please help !!
My son has a learning disability and ADHD..he is on the waiting list for alta du toit,special needs school..placement...
Asked by mariolise in Challenges

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learing styles.
My daugther can tell you things beyond her age. the promblem is she cant put it on paper and she s failing...
Asked by Pamela williams in Challenges

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Range of resposibilities for children
What is a good range of responsibility for a 4 y/o w special needs? He just got glasses. How accountable...
Asked by bigredgma in Challenges

(1 response)

High School Dilemma
What alternatives exist to end the last semester of high school when your child wants to homeschool through...
Asked by right choice mom in Challenges

(6 responses)

My son is in first grade he is struggling with reading his teacher gave him an "F" on the progress...
Asked by tigger in Challenges

(1 response)

teaching my child how to sign his name
Asked by exmsparker in Challenges

(1 response)

She can not pass her math tests.
My 4th grader understands the math , but when it is time for the test she freezes up and make a low grade...
Asked by pwmiller in Challenges

(3 responses)

halloween month
What month is halloween?
Asked by Anonymous in Challenges

(1 response)

private schools and iep/services
I have a 17yr old with asperger. He has an IEP and attends a private school. They refer to the IEP as...
Asked by Anonymous in Challenges

(2 responses)

Not enough time in the day!
I have a 12yr old girl,3 yr old girl and 2 yr old son. I go to school full time as well. I feel overwhelmed...
Asked by Anonymous in Challenges

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