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My child hates being in school. He has to go but, I don't understand why he hates so much!
Asked by savannah in Challenges

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first day of pre-kinder
my son 4 1/2 at cassroom acting up doesnt like to do the work also he torne up his work book what can...
Asked by grace1971 in Challenges

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How do I teach a child who has Dislexia to read?
How can I help a 13 year with Dislexia to read? His mother had him in Special Education all these years....
Asked by Anonymous in Challenges

(2 responses)

How do we move on?
My daugher's 5th grade teacher was not a good match. She was afraid to ask her any questions and came...
Asked by momof2 in Challenges

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Grandparents as
When an adult (single) mother lives back with her parents and the grandparents provide all of the support...
Asked by srparent in Challenges

(3 responses)

How do I get my 13 year old to take school more seriously?
Hello I need to know jow to help peak my 13 year old son's interest in school. He seems to have a lot...
Asked by chris in Challenges

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Temper tantrums
Lots of stressful stuff happening in my house lately. My DD (age 5) has been throwing massive temper...
Asked by ErinTM in Challenges

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Asked by dkm.st in Challenges

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what to expect
what to expect in 8th grade
Asked by briannnajadeb in Challenges

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Controlling sweets
I want my kid to eat well but I also don't want to be fascist about it. I had fun growing up and I don't...
Asked by superdub in Challenges

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