Q&A: Extracurricular Activities

(3 responses)

getting child involved
what are some inexpensive activities i can get my daughter in if she doesn't show interest in sports...
Asked by Anonymous in Extracurricular Activities

(2 responses)

MLK Theme 2010?
What is the national theme for MLK, Jr. celebration this year,2010?
Asked by granny7@66 in Extracurricular Activities

(4 responses)

How do I get my son involved in extracurricular activities?
My 11 year old son shows no interest in anything. My hubby and I both feel that a few extracurricular...
Asked by remitrom in Extracurricular Activities

(3 responses)

Quitting activities
My thrird grader started dance this year. Latelly shes been giving me a really hard time and says she...
Asked by Lexy in Extracurricular Activities

(7 responses)

Music Tuition
Does anyone have any suggestions about an appropriate age to begin music tuition?
Asked by kbaker in Extracurricular Activities

(0 responses)

Martial Arts and Children
I've done martial arts for a number of years and am considering taking up mixed martial arts. I'm concerned...
Asked by superdub in Extracurricular Activities

(3 responses)

How many activities is too many?
My 9 year-old has been pestering me to add soccer and ballet to her 5 other activities that she already...
Asked by Sibbyo in Extracurricular Activities

(4 responses)

Extracurricular Activity suggestions for 7 yr old who hates losing
My 7 year old detests losing. Can anyone suggest any activities that I can sign him up for that this...
Asked by CarolineL in Extracurricular Activities

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