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How can I help my very academically behind child?
My son is going into the 5th grade. He was recently tested to see what grade level he is currently on...
Asked by Anonymous in Learning Disabilities/Special Needs

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school teacher going on and on to me about my son
my son is a bright boy but his teacher will go on to him about every thing ,to his hight to his age ,i...
Asked by ncjlp81 in Bullying/Teasing/Peer Pressure

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My 11 year old son seems socially maladjusted
My son is a sweet boyand kind. He has no close friends and feels that everyone is against him. He has...
Asked by mlkilgore in Challenges

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Unfair punishment regarding social media
I'm in 8th grade, and at the end of January I was reported for a feud on instagram in which I mentioned...
Asked by jeriwalk in Discipline/Behavior

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do the pre school children take naps in school, if so how long do they nap
Asked by amberrambo in Pre-School

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school lunch
do you have the receipe for sloppy joes that were served in 1970 at jhs 82
Asked by zeccaj in Challenges

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bullying in schopl and the bus
My son is in second grade and started a new school in October. Since he began that school he's been bullied...
Asked by Anonymous in Bullying/Teasing/Peer Pressure

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report cards
when will high school report cards be given out
Asked by wall1951 in Being an Involved Parent at School

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Informing Parents about tests-4th grade
Hi, My child's 4th grade teacher is new to our school this year. In 4th grade they use student planners...
Asked by ejf1mom in Homework/Studying

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How many hours can a teacher require of a student outside of the regular sc...
Is there a limit to how many hours or events a teacher can require my 10th grader to attend outside of...
Asked by Emser in Education Issues/Policies

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