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Separation Anxiety at 8
I teach at a private school. My daughter has gone to the same school K4 - 2nd grade. We had to pull...
Asked by ksm in Choosing a School/Moving Schools

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focusing issues
third grade son is having problems staying focused during class. there are moments when he stops working...
Asked by brownhen4 in Being an Involved Parent at School

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first day of school and the teacher called saying he was goofing off with his lunch making a mess on...
Asked by jimbienko in Being an Involved Parent at School

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My son just started kindergarten. His teacher has pointed out several things, such as that when asked...
Asked by amontoya12 in Kindergarten

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The numbers at fixed distances on the side of a graph is called what ?
Asked by alfredoB in Challenges

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Fear in a five year old
My granddaugter just started school and there is a boy at the school that is missing part of his arm,...
Asked by cchipmom in Discipline/Behavior

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I need a multiplication sheet starting with the number 13. She already knows from1 to 12 x
Asked by myangels in Elementary School

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I am trying to get workseets for tenth or ninth grade algebra to have at home to study
Asked by christylove21 in Being an Involved Parent at School

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Staying on task
Our 5 year old is now on her 2nd week of kindergarten. She loves school but we keep receiving these notes...
Asked by jessica4140 in Kindergarten

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Time between breakfast and lunch
Our elementary school has several lunch periods; therefore, there are some kids who will not eat until...
Asked by jtarson in Healthy School Kids


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