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Son failing high school
My son is extremely intelligent. He recently took a test where the highest score the teacher had ever...
Asked by blondensmart in Discipline/Behavior

(1 response)

Feeder schools for Jacksonville,FL>
what is the feeder school for old Stanton early head start Jacksonville,FL.
Asked by dgregg772001 in Choosing a School/Moving Schools

(2 responses)

help reading
What I need to do to help daughter on her reading.. she gets sum of the words but still has trouble on...
Asked by Singlemom in Kindergarten

(1 response)

early withdrawl
i have to make an emerengcy move to a better environment for my toddler and kindergardener. if i were...
Asked by Anonymous in Choosing a School/Moving Schools

(2 responses)

End of Kindergarten and struggling with reading
My youngest is at the end of his kindgergarten year and isn't really reading. We thought he was but it...
Asked by Gentian in Kindergarten

(1 response)

Hates writing
My almost 7th grader hates to write. I know that there is a big jump in writing expectations in the junior...
Asked by Gentian in Middle School

(2 responses)

The high school years
Im very lost as to what I should be doing as a parent with my daughter in the ninth grade. She is in...
Asked by freshman in Being an Involved Parent at School

(1 response)

How to tell a child they will be attending a new school
My daughter has not been informed that she'll be changing schools; and entering 4th grade in a catholic...
Asked by Anonymous in Choosing a School/Moving Schools

(1 response)

Organization skills for Middle Schoolers
My son is in 6th grade which means he is heading to middle school next year. As the years goes on I am...
Asked by TerryD7 in Middle School

(1 response)

how do I solve this problem. 2 apples cost $2.49, 2 bananas cost$1.04 . Estimate the total. Please show...
Asked by st.michael in Public School

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