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Reading at grade level?
How do I know if my child is reading at grade level?
Asked by Anonymous in Elementary School

(3 responses)

Play dates after school
Curious to hear at what age other people let their kids go to other kids houses after school who they...
Asked by dixiemom in Elementary School

(3 responses)

Homework incentives?
My second grader seems to have spring fever and I am at my wits end. I am considering doing incentives...
Asked by JD2000 in Homework/Studying

(3 responses)

How to help my son get ready for middle school
My son is in 5th grade and the talk is starting about the big move up to the middle school. He is so...
Asked by CarolineL in Middle School

(8 responses)

Report Card help
So my 2nd grader just came home with a bad report card. Not sure how to handle it. My older two have...
Asked by LizJ in Elementary School

(3 responses)

Math help for kindergartener
My kindergartener seems to come home with most of her math worksheets not finished. When I ask her about...
Asked by Anonymous in Kindergarten

(2 responses)

How many grades should my 4th grader have every 9 weeks graging period?
How many grades should my 4th grader have every 9 weeks graging period?
Asked by Georgie in Testing & Standards

(8 responses)

Private school
Because of class sizes we are thinking of sending our kids to a private school. We have no idea the best...
Asked by Cole in Private School

(3 responses)

Bad handwriting - how to help
My little guy is still struggling with writing his letters and drawing . He is K. Not bad enough apparently...
Asked by Lexy in Kindergarten

(1 response)

my daugter has to write a quick write, about winter olympics .question is ,...
Enter your question here.
Asked by tiger in Homework/Studying

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