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need to know what Native American Shelters look like in North and South Wes...
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Asked by whyatt in Homework/Studying

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Kindergartener acting up- teacher says he has ADHD- REPOSTED FOR AMBER
Hi I am having a problem with my son acting up in kindergarten. He has never went to preschool or daycare....
Asked by Lisa @ School Family in Elementary School

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1st day of school
school calender for bakersville elementary school year 2009-2010 new hampshire
Asked by larry jerrier in Public School

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Separation anxiety or something more?
My daughter started kindergarten approximately 2 weeks ago. The first 3-4 days she seemed to be very...
Asked by lowens67 in Kindergarten

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Asked by dkm.st in Challenges

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Need help on solving probabilities
If you have 10 balls numbered 1-10 in a box. What is the P(9, then 3). I'm not sure how to do multiple...
Asked by dgbuell in Middle School

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cost of natomas charter school bus schedule 2010
cost of natomas charter school bus schedule 2010
Asked by jessica prenter in Charter Schools

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cost of natomas charter school bus pass schedule2010
cost of natomas chartered school bus pass schedule for 2010
Asked by jessica prenter in Being an Involved Parent at School

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Poolside problems..Can anyone help.
My little girl hit other kids who were teasing her in line for swimming. How should I talk to her about...
Asked by DaddyDoo in Discipline/Behavior

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Its August Can I still register my child in kindergarten?
registering for kindergarten in philadelphia
Asked by MsElizz in Choosing a School/Moving Schools


Do you allow your children to watch TV or play on the computer before doing their homework?