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what to expect
what to expect in 8th grade
Asked by briannnajadeb in Challenges

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Mom needs hellp?
How do I help my son with two older boys who bully him near our home? My son is only 9yrs old and the...
Asked by marisella in Bullying/Teasing/Peer Pressure

(4 responses)

best time to do homework
When is the best time for my son (3rd grader) to do his homework?
Asked by luvmy4kids in Homework/Studying

(5 responses)

Bad Mom?
I have 4 kids – 3 at home and my oldest is going into 3rd grade this year. I just can’t seem to find...
Asked by luvmy4kids in Being an Involved Parent at School

(2 responses)

Making Friends
My son is going into 5th grade and is since 4th grade has been having a lot of trouble with friends....
Asked by dtcampisano in Bullying/Teasing/Peer Pressure

(3 responses)

New to the school
We just moved to a new district and don’t know anyone at the school. How can we feel more comfortable?
Asked by PennyL in Choosing a School/Moving Schools

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Cell phones in middle school
Is it OK for my middle school son to have his cell phone at school?
Asked by PennyL in Technology and Kids

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Suggestions on how to handle homework battles
Our school is starting in a few weeks and I am already dreading the homework battles. Last year, hw...
Asked by CarolineL in Homework/Studying

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School Supply Shopping help
Anyone have suggestions on how to avoid the school supplies shopping nightmare?
Asked by CarolineL in Elementary School

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do you have work sheets on percents?
trying to teach my child percentages, do you have studies on this?
Asked by kimberlygray90 in Homework/Studying


Do you allow your children to watch TV or play on the computer before doing their homework?

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Sometimes - 25.4%
Yes - 31.6%

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