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Think or Swim

So, this is my first blog entry ever. I've never done this before and I'm a bit nervous.

Well, here goes. I have two kids. I've been volunteering in their schools since my oldest was in kindergarten, and I've been writing the She Said It column for PTO Today for about four years. My daughter will be a high school freshman in the fall, which just astounds me. Especially since I was a high school freshman, what? Like, two years ago? Maybe three? At least that's what it feels like. My son is 9 and going into 4th grade. Funny, I don't get chest pains when I say I have a 4th grader. Of course when he's old enough for high school, I'll probably need to be medicated.

With the last day of school approaching I've been waking up nights panicking about what to do with the kids this summer. I go through this every year. I want my kids to be happy and engaged in creative and stimulating activities, but they mostly want to sit around and watch TV. I've been collecting flyers and brochures from area day camps. Some of them sound great, like the space camp at the science museum, and the animal behavior camp at the zoo. There's even a crime scene investigation camp within driving distance.

To my son, they're all "boring," and my daughter will have nothing to do with camp at her age. She has, however, already launched her summer campaign for a swimming pool. We live in a state where the average annual temperature is 47 degrees. If you factor in the rain, we could actually use the pool maybe 13 days this year. I'm no financial whiz, but my guess is that a pool wouldn't be a sound investment. Maybe I'll have my daughter work out the numbers—assign a dollar value to a summer without whining, then include that in her calculation. Who knows? Maybe a pool would be worth it, and anyway, she'd be getting some math practice in before school starts.
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