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Politicking for a Teacher

How far should a parent go in trying to get junior into the "right" class for next year?

Just ran across this interesting article from the Hawaii Reporter on getting involved in the classroom-placement process for your son or daughter. The article makes the case for getting real, real involved in the process, and I suppose knowing that there can be such wide differences between teachers—I can understand the motivation. But isn't there a line that goes too far? Do I want to be known as "that parent" with the three-ring binder of how my child learns and explicit instructions on how he or she should be treated? Do I want a formal appeals process for classroom placements? Not me.

Trouble is where does it end? Way I figure it, down the road the kids are going to have to deal with some tough folks, some softies, some folks who just mail it in, some folks who are passionate and talented, and every other type under the rainbow. Learning to deal with all kinds of people is another part of the education process.

A gentle nudge toward one teacher or another? OK. Hoping your child gets that great 5th grade teacher that you had 30 years ago? Understandable. But let's hold off on adding another layer of over officiousness and nannydom to our schools.
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