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School Volunteering: Everyone's Doing It

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you're probably aware that we're in the midst of a Hollywood baby boom. These days, celebrity magazines are almost as likely to show the rich and famous pushing strollers as strolling the red carpet.

Today's celebrity parents are a hands-on group. Angelina Jolie is frequently seen walking her kids to school, and it seems the paparazzi can always find Tom Cruise at his son's baseball games. Even Pamela Anderson, who usually makes headlines for more risque reasons, bragged at the Cannes Film Festival last month about her school volunteer work.

In Cannes to promote her new movie, Blonde and Blonder, Anderson told the London Sun newspaper that despite her public image, her two sons don't think of her as a sex symbol.

"They know I'm at school with the neon vest parking cars and doing safety patrol," she said.

Some may be surprised to hear about Anderson's volunteer role, but it only makes sense that she would take up school safety patrol duty after the years she spent patrolling the beach and saving lives on the TV show Baywatch.

Another celebrity parent, Jane Kaczmarek, is best known for portraying a TV mom Lois on Malcolm in the Middle. She talked with us about how she stays involved in the education of her three children, including being a driver for elementary school field trips and serving hot lunches with other parents.

Since the Hollywood baby boom shows no signs of slowing down, I can only imagine the celebrity gossip items we'll be reading about a few years from now. Perhaps Britney Spears bringing cookies to the PTO bake sale or Brad Pitt making Sno-Kones at field day?
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