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Working and School Involvement

Interesting blog thread over at the Career and Kids site. One mom sometimes hides her status as a working mom in order to fit in better with the involved-at-school crowd.

This thread over at the Careers and Kids blog caught my eye. Elizabeth writes:
Sure, there are times that I can't participate at school because I have to work, but, I'll be the judge of that. It's one thing for me to think, "Wow, that's a terrible time for people who work", but, it's another thing for people to say, "We didn't call you for this because, well, you worrrrk."

And her dilemma (Can I  make involvement work when my schedule is not as flexible as some others'?) is quite real for so many moms and dads. The good news: It can work. Elizabeth certainly has the right spirit on the topic. If you share the struggle, perhaps our 25 Ways To Make a Difference could be of service. Love to hear what you're doing to make involvement fit your unique schedule.... (or perhaps even why you can't)
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