When I heard that former President Bill Clinton was on the Rachael Ray show last week, for a brief moment I wondered whether it was a creative campaign appearance for his wife's White House run. It turns out he's in the middle of a different kind of campaign, urging schools to serve healthier meals to kids.

Clinton helped form the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, which is tackling the issue of childhood obesity. According to the alliance, 17 percent of American schoolkids are overweight, and school lunches that resemble fast-food fare are a big part of the problem. The alliance is working with schools and major food companies to get more nutritious meals onto kids' plates.

Of course, serving healthy foods doesn't do much good if kids won't eat them. That's why we're sharing great ideas for a week's worth of nutritious sack lunches your kids will actually like.

What's going on in your child's lunchroom? Is the school offering healthier meal options, and are kids actually choosing them?