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Don't Stop the Bus

Every year, the parents in my neighborhood kick up a fuss about the middle school bus stop. The elementary kids get picked up every few houses, but once they enter 4th grade, they have to walk to a single stop. The stop is about a half-mile away from the farthest point.

When my oldest entered middle school, I asked the bus company and the school superintendent to add a second stop so she wouldn't have to walk so far. They refused, saying it would take too long and throw off the entire bus schedule. Now I'm watching other parents making the same arguments I did about safety and convenience, but since I read about a town that eliminated its buses almost entirely, I'm feeling less outraged by my children's 10-minute walk to and from the bus stop.

It seems that every year the voters in my town have to decide between paying higher taxes or chiseling away at our schools. Last spring, a tax override barely squeaked through. For now, I feel fortunate that I can put my kids on the bus each morning, no matter how far they have to walk to get to it.
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