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SchoolFamily.com is Here

Welcome to our newest resource for involved moms and dads -- schoolfamily.com.

Today, you'll find tons of great articles for helping you help your school-aged kids do great and helping you and your family keep school sane. Over the next few weeks and months and years, you're going to find lots and lots more. Think of this site as the central web meeting spot (a portal, if you will) for all things that can help you be a great school parent.

My best advice: 1) Enjoy! We're sure having a great time working on all this stuff. Hopeit'll serve you well. And 2) Relax. There's so much to worry about these days, but it's near impossible to be a good school parent while cowering in the corner. SchoolFamily.com is about getting that balance just right.

Finally, a quick thanks to all the folks who work so hard to make this site go. Our editorial team, the designers, our tech folks and more. The work does seem abit lighterwhen you're workingon such a valuable site. But it's work nonetheless, and no one does it better.

On we go...

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#1 BJ Burke 2008-05-30 15:29
Great site!

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