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Sneaking learning into summer fun...

Thought this feature could make for a great brainstorming lead-in. The story focuses on teachers' best ideas for keeping learning alive this summer. Good stuff. Would love to hear your secrets for this every-summer challenge.
For us, summer means quite a few long drives. And long drives are perfect for trivia. The older kids get everything from math facts ("the speed round") to spelling, while the 2 year-old gets cousins (she has 30 of them!) and Disney Princess questions.

What are you best tricks for keeping young brains firing?
Getting Involved (not *how* you get involved) is W...
College-style fundraising coming to a school near ...

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#1 Beth Barnes 2008-06-19 22:23
I love to have my children in the kitchen when I am preparing a meal. We are working on doubling a receipe. I hate fractions, but I want my children not be in doubt of them.
Also in the kitchen you can incorporate the wonderful world of science! The great outdoors works also with tree and bird id.
I love summertime as it is a chance to homeschool my kiddos.

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