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Should school volunteers get perks?

Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a heated debate taking place on whether the extra-involved parents at school should get preferential treatment. The specific debate here is on an involved parent requesting a specific teacher and expecting results because of her volunteer status.

Touch issue. Your thoughts?
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#4 Teri 2008-08-14 22:40
I think parent volunteers should get some perks. Picking teachers, I know which teachers would be best for my children. But you also have to watch for parents and other students getting jealous and hassling your child. I volunteer everyday at our school, if people started being negative to my children because I volunteer, I would definetly stop.
#3 Janet 2008-07-16 18:48
I think involved parents should get perks. We are usually the ones in there talking to the teachers and know which ones would work best for our children. My daughter, for example, needs a teacher who has better control over her class. And from being involved I know which teachers have better control, etc. Why shouldn't we get certain perks when we help out so much?
#2 Gael 2008-07-15 22:00
I don't think anyone should receive preferential treatment. Its about fairness and letting your child deal with life as it comes. After all - you won't always be there to make things easier for your child. Also, it could backfire on your child - the other kids will notice and might resent it.
#1 Terri 2008-07-12 19:22
It depends on what the situation is in certain circumstances. But although parents may not have the physica time to contribute to volunteer at schools. They can always donate monitarily or donate things. Unfortunatly alot of parents have to work. But on the other hand if a parent contributes alot of time and effort to the school and it benefits the school and not just her child, yes he/she should be paid back with the perks. Time in this day and age is a precious commodity.

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