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Stretching Back-to-School Supplies

Marketing-wise, back-to-school is the new Christmas. Have you noticedthecirculars in that papers these days? Every store and every brand is trying to get in on the B2S craze. (Of course, some of our very most favorite brands help sponsor our back-toschool efforts here at schoolfamily.com, but that's another story entirely. :-))

Gary Brown, a columnist from upstate New York, does a nice job of pointing out the absurdity of some of the press releases that come around this season. Now, I'm all for marketing during the back-to-school season, but it's not necessary to make these outlandish claims as to why your product is a back-to-school must-have.

Love it, for example, when Gary points out the "computer cable organizer" trying to position themselves asa B2S must-have. C'mon guys! Backpack? Yes. New school shoes?Check. But computer cable organizers? Pretty sure I need those (or not) equally in February and May asI do in August.

Between squeezing in some late beach runs and getting the supplies we do actually need, I think my computer wires may remain a helpless tangle for at least a few more weeks.

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