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Rave Reviews for SchoolFamily.com

How cool is this? Was randomly surfing the web, when we ran across this back-to-school story from Connecticut. Was about to move on when I ran across this quote:

"As I surfed the Internet to find some of the most practical advice, I found a wealth of information and some excellent Web sites with advice on almost every area of concern, with tips covering the years from beginning pre-school to college.
Some advice came from education experts, administrators and teachers, and some articles were written by parents who have been there. Some Web sites even feature question and answer and blog sections, where parents can communicate and ask for specific advice.
I found SchoolFamily.com to be most comprehensive and helpful."


Nice. We agree. If she loves it now --wait 'til she sees what we have in store for later this year and beyond. Be sure to bookmark this site (and maybe share with a friend or your whole school community?), because we have tons more resources coming up. Idea is to make SchoolFamily.com the most comprehensive solutions/info/tools site for school moms and dads on the entire Web. And according to Ms. Manciero -- we're getting there pretty quick!

Parent Involvement -- The Data
"Don't Whine, Get Involved"

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