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School Lunches -- healthy, safe and fun

So our 3 boys trekked back-to-school today, and—among other things—I forgot about the joys of packing lunches for 3 growing boys with different tastes at 6:45 AM. Lovely. The only saving graces were that: 1) they were too concerned about larger issues to grumble about their P, B & Js today; and 2) I remembered that we have a ton of good stuff here on the site to make school lunches easier.

A bit of schoolfamily.com searching, and I'm already better prepared for tomorrow morning:

1. I do need to do a better job of keeping the kids food safe. This article on food safety for school lunches made me think.

2. I ran across this MomCooks site (even though DadCooks, too) and thought these were some excellent ideas for brown bag lunches your kids will eat. We have a similar article on lunch ideas for kids here.

3. Also think I'll download a couple of these fun lunchbag labels to use, maybe on Fridays.

Three lunches per day for 180 days.... hmmmmm... only 537 lunchboxes left to fill this year. Egads!

Do you have any favorite school lunch tips of your own? I'm all ears.

Editor's note: Please take a look at our new School Family Recipe Share for more ideas about school lunches, as well as quick and easy dinners, recipes that kids can make by themselves, and much more! Send us your favorite recipes, and we'll include them in our Recipe Share. 

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#3 Rambo12 2009-02-12 03:02

I agree with Gayle. Children do come home hungry straight away ask for food. But there is so shortage of time that they are not even able to take there food properly. They have to rush to there tutors. We have to do something for them.


#2 Gayle 2008-09-07 22:24
I have been looking for requirements of the schools for the length of the lunch hours. This would be for elementary schools. My grandaughter is in second grade and has breakfast before school. Lunch for her grade is after recess. To get the kids in from recess and get them to sit down to eat, there isn't enough time for these second graders. By the time they get through the hot lunch lines they are told time is up. They come home hungry!!! We all know that hungry children do not learn well. Homework, test scores, memory drops off. What can we do????
#1 Elizabeth 2008-08-30 21:35
Thanks for linking to my post! People are coming to my site searching for "brown bag lunches kids will eat", so I will definitely be posting more lunchbox menus!

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