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Back to School, Back to Fundraising

It's a fair question (and one of my pet peeves) asked by this Detroit Free Press blogger: why do the first two weeks of school have to be fundraising ground zero?

I know the two biggest reasons: 1) Schools need the money more than ever; and 2) there's almost a race to beat the other fundraisers that will be dipping into parents' pockets, but I still think a bit of patience is warranted. Wow me. Get me (and the kids) to love school. Impress us with your commitment to education and our families and kids. Make me love you. And then ask me for my $10! Not vice versa.

If you're a features writer for a local paper, here's my response to the column you're about to write trashing all fundraisers. (It happens every year.) I wrote it for our ptotoday.com site (for PTO and PTA leaders), but it works over here, too.

What's your take on the influx of fundraising?
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