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After-School Help for the After-School Homework Helpers (Parents)

This story half-intrigued me and half cracked me up. We've all heard about kids staying after school to get extra help, right? Well, here's a twist -- this Ohio district is giving parents the extra help, so that parents won't be so flummoxed by the kids homework!

I must admit, I can see the need. My oldest is just in 4th grade, and I had to do some serious thinking last night about compound subjects and predicates while helping with homework. I'm already a bit worried about those word problems with the trains heading in opposite directions.

Do you need this kind of help? Are your teachers providing it? Is it a trend?
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#1 Angela Norton Tyler 2008-09-15 01:09
I don't know if this school should be ashamed for admitting that they expect parents to help so much with homework- or if this school should feel proud for admitting what other schools deny. At least they are honest.

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