I've been a huge fan of this program from the first time I saw it (while munching on some Goldfish -- probably the kids' snack that I steal the most) and have been meaning to highlight it here for some time now.

As a parent, coach and former teacher -- I'm always harping on the kids to stop expecting the negatives and rather to expect success. I find that that simple attitude change alone can do wonders for everyone's mood and for their results. Even at homework time, "this is hard, but I can figure it out" is so much different than a frustrated "I can't do this." My kids are tired of me asking my favorite simple question: "Are you being optimistic or pessimistic?"

Which is why I love the fact that someone else is now asking the same question and providing some tools for us parents to bring the point home. It's Goldfish's Fishful Thinking optimism effort, and I give it a hardy 2 thumbs up. I hope you'll take a look (and, of course, expect it to be good!).