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Parent-Teacher Conference Schedule Slots

I always find "The Juggle" blog from the Wall Street Journal (yup -- the WSJ) to be thought-provoking and timely, especially this post about which parents should get the good parent-teacher conference slots? The writer's good questions have created quite a discussion around whether after-work time slots should reserved for working moms and dads (and conversely, should stay-at-home parents be required to take daytime slots?).

Why do I see this becoming the next great school auction item? Can you imagine the bidding wars for that coveted 6 PM slot? Heck, I'm sensing a solution for the school funding crisis, too. Bids for the nice 4th grade teacher? Bids for the late bus stop (so whole family can wake up later)? Bids for the late lunch (so "lunch" isn't at 9:40 AM)? Hmmmm -- going to have to work on this one. :-)

Meantime, would love to hear your thoughts on conference schedules. How does it work at your school? Does it work effectively at your school? Any good stories of conference angst and agita?

And, of course, we have our own parent-teacher resources on the schoolfamily site, too.
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