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Summer and Learning and Fun Can Go Together

Our family is right in the middle of summer planning season. I know that those "organized" families have already booked all their camps and trips and classes (you know who you are...), but I bet we're not alone in still figuring all this stuff up right up through August.

That's why I really love this new piece one of our talented contributing writers, Patti Ghezzi, just penned on the Top 20 Summer Destinations for Learning. I'm sure our family will hit our share of not-much-learning-going-on fun spots like water parks and beaches, but we're definitely going tor try to mix in some neat learning/experiential spots into the summer. I can see the Intrepid Museum in NYC in our future....

Quick highlight of two other articles on similar theme. First = Avoiding "Summer Amnesia" (that fun trend where kids have to spend the first two months of the new school year reviewing all that they forgot over the summer). 2nd = Sneaking Learning into Summer Fun. Think that one is self-explanatory.

Man, I love writing about summer...
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