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Join our community for parents of school-aged kids

Very happy to let you know about the launch of two brand new sections on the site today!

Community - Thinking about how to keep your kids safe online? Wondering how to keep up your kids learning over the summer? Looking for book ideas? Share and learn with other parents of school-aged kids in our brand new community section. You can jump in and add your 2 cents to existing discussions or start a brand new topic. Hope you'll jump in and start connecting and sharing!

Q&A - It's really part of the new community but it's such a useful feature (at least we think so!) that it deserves a special mention. A very simple Question and Answer format that makes it easy to ask whatever is on your mind. And of course we hope you'll answer questions other folks have posted. It's up to everyone participating to vote up and down the answers - this will make sure the really good answers stay at the top.

You'll notice the "Community" and "Q&A" tab at the top have a "beta" icon on them. We've worked hard at making sure everything is running smoothly and have tested and retested all the new features. But of course there's always a few glitches when something new is launched so we thought adding the "beta" icon was a good idea. If you see anything unusual or if you have any questions about these new features or how to use them please comment below or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Look forward to seeing you in the community! My username is klagden if you'd like to add me as a 'friend' after you've registered!
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