Patterns are part of our daily life!

Some patterns are visual; such as the way tiles are placed on a floor. Some patterns are auditory, like "e-i, e-i, o" in the song "Old MacDonald Had A Farm." We all, unconsciously, follow patterns, like our morning routine or our daily work schedule.

Patterns are an important learning tool for young children. Patterns are organized, repetitive, and predictable. Recognizing and understanding patterns gives a child the confidence to determine what will come next. Being able to predict what comes next, in both reading and math, leads to greater comprehension. And that is what learning and building academic skills is all about!

A good example of a reading pattern is what the wolf repeatedly says in "The Three Little Pigs." ("So I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house in.")

A good example of a math pattern is recognizing odd and even numbers.

Patterns are everywhere and they're fun! Once your child discovers patterns he or she will see them in almost everything!