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8th Grade: What to Expect Academically and Socially

Most agree: junior high is not an easy time. Teens pretend to be cool and laid back, but beneath that cool exterior is your same child -- just trying to figure it all out. What's a parent to do? Well as the saying goes: "The best defense is a good offense." In the case of a junior high student, or any teen for that matter, being an informed parent is key. Armed with information, you can be the empathetic parent that you want to be. With that said, check out this recently published article about 8th grade academics and what to expect. You'll find great information about how your child can strengthen their academic and organizational skills before heading to high school. But academics are just part of the teen puzzle, right?! We've also just published an article on what to expect for social changes in 8th grade. Happy reading and remember, it's all good!

"Giving Back, by Backpack"
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