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Take a Hike for Summer Learning

Summer is such a great time to spend some low-key time with your kiddies. One of my favorite low-key activities with younger elementary-age kids is a nature walk in the woods. Ask your kids to pick a few of their favorite books and pack them in your back pack. Next, grab some water bottles, a snack or two, a paper bag for each child, and head out to the woods. Four things help woo the reluctant hiker:

  • Marketing: it's all how you phrase your take on the outing… a walk in the woods may sound like work. How about: "we're going to have an adventure in a magical forest, " or "we're going on an adventure to be nature detectives."  You get the idea!
  • A picnic along the way always makes the walk more exciting. Remember to "leave no trace."
  • Favorite books are a great way to get kids to love hiking.  Instead of pushing your kids when they say they are tired, why not find an interesting rock or mossy area to sit on and read a book until they have re-fueled.
  • What magic could a paper bag possibly hold? Ah, what better place to put all the treasures they find on their nature walk? When you get home, you can sort all the cool stuff they found along the way (good classification project).

Can't think of a better way to foster a love of nature and books  and your kids will never guess that you are sneaking a bit of learning into their adventure!
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