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Have Some "Cents-ible" Fun!

Empty those piggy banks and help your child make some "cents" of coins and counting with a game I call: "Stop, Drop, and Roll." This game can be played on a table, on the floor, or even on a beach blanket! Items needed: Fifty pennies, and one die from a pair of dice Players: One child, one adult, or up to four players Time needed: Fifteen to thirty minutes Directions:

  • The "banker" makes a pile of fifty pennies, and puts it in the center to create a bank.
  • The first player rolls the die.
  • If she rolls a "four," she takes four pennies from the bank and puts them in her own pile.
  • Next player rolls, and takes that number of pennies for his pile
  • The game is over when all fifty pennies are gone
  • Winner is the player with the most pennies

Once your child can easily do this, increase the challenge.

  • Put 100 pennies in the bank
  • Have each player start with their own pile of twenty-five pennies (for four players,) or fifty pennies (for two players,) and zero pennies in the bank. Roll the die, and take the number the player rolls from the player's pile and return it to the bank. The winner is the first player to have no pennies left in their pile.
  • Or, roll with two dice and total the dots before collecting pennies from the pile.

At the end of a game have each player put their pennies in stacks of two. Count by two's to determine the total. If all the pennies can be put in stacks of two, then your total is an Even number. If one penny is left over then your total is an Odd number. Help your child count by two's, if necessary, until they can do it! Engaging in this kind of play helps your child develop their mathematical thinking and problem solving skills, all while having a great time with you!

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