Kindergarteners. First day of school. Separation Anxiety. Do all three go hand in hand? The author of the article Separation Anxiety Seems to be on the Rise,  says yes absolutely – when it comes to this generation. He asserts that separation anxiety is a growing problem that is directly related to today’s parenting styles.

“The problem, I am convinced, is parents, not kids. It’s a given that today’s parents — mothers especially — have far more difficulty separating from their children than did parents of a generation or more ago. This is due in part to the nefarious nouveau notion that the Good Mother does as much for her kids as she possibly can and is at her kids’ beck-and-call.”

Wow. Let’s all take a collective deep breath.

Couldn’t disagree more. I think that parents today are more driven to educate themselves on parenting. With so many resources available like websites and books, parents are better informed on how to deal with behavior and school issues, like separation anxiety. Traffic to our site and articles like Get ready for Kindergarten prove that parents are arming themselves with practical parenting information.

And what about the kids of the informed parents? “Kids today” go to preschool, have more extra-curricular activities and do more for kindergarten readiness than ever before. The result? More confident kids… less difficulty separating.

Are there exceptions? Sure. Would the same type of kids who are having trouble separating now have had separation anxiety 25 years ago? Probably. 

 So what do you think? Love to hear your thoughts!