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Kids and Activities: How many is too many?

It's that time of year! Back to school, kid's activities ramping up. How do you decide what and how many extracurricular activities your children will participate in?

A recent article on MSNBC talks about a study that says that most children actually thrive on numerous activities. Says that it's the parents who are who are stressed out by the overload. Hmmm. Seems that that a stressed parent is going to have an effect on the child. Bottom line is that we are all trying to strike some balance. If our kids are in so many after school and weekend activities that our only time that we "connect" is in the car, shuttling to and fro, that can't be good.

We have some good articles on choosing after-school activities and finding balance for busy families. We are interested in hearing how your family chooses what your kids will participate in and what kind of limits you set. What do you think is the "right balance" ? Jump into the discussion about kids and activities.

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