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Pizza Wheel Activity: Teaching Color Words

It’s a colorful world and knowing basic color words are key for your child’s school success!

Here’s a simple to make, and simple to use activity for some color word fun:

With a ruler and a pencil divide a white paper plate into eight sections, like you would cut a pizza. Or, simply print out the  ready-to-color copy of Connie's Color Word Pizza from the Print & Use Tools section.

With a crayon or marker color each “slice” with one of the eight basic colors that children need to know; red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple, brown, and black.

On a clip-type clothes pin (the kind your child has to “pinch” open) write a color word, using markers.  For example:Write “red” using the red marker, “blue” using the blue marker, etc. Be sure to use lower case letters.

Have your child clip the pins on the edge of the plate, matching color words to the correct color slice.

Once your child can easily match the correct colored pin increase the difficulty.

Write all eight color words, in black marker, on new clips and challenge them to match the word to the color. Help, if needed, until they can do it independently.

You can store this game in a large zip-lock bag, to be played again and again.

This is a great fine motor activity that teaches your kindergarten or first grade child basic color words, while increasing eye-hand coordination.

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#3 susanbielan 2009-10-24 00:33
love the added componant of fine motor activity with the clothespins
#2 VICKI PRESSLER 2009-10-13 22:53
Would like to use with a child that I am working with : first grade student, does not speak english.
#1 laurie 2009-10-04 20:06
Sounds like a great idea. I look forward to trying it in the classroom!

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