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Bullying on the School Bus

When you ask a soon-to-be Kindergartener what part of school they are most excited about, they often say riding the school bus!

Fast forward a couple of years and ask some moms what they dread the most about their child's school day. A frequent reply? The school bus.  Sad but true. Parents are forever looking for ways to teach their kids to stand up to bullies

With the mix of ages and little supervision, school bus rides can be playground for a bully. That's why I loved this article about a school that put a program in place to stop bullying on the school bus! The program empowered the kids to first come up with a set of rules for bus behavior. Then, bus buddies (4th and 5th grade volunteers) monitor the bus conduct and reward kids for good behavior -- rather than punish for bad behavior. The results are very impressive. So impressive that maybe you'd like to tell your school system about this idea.

Are your kids being bullied on the school bus? Have you talked to your school system about it? Does your school system do anything to curb bullying on your buses? We'd love to hear your stories. 



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#4 Middle School Bullying 2010-12-15 21:05
It's hard because students on the bus are so full of energy and the bus driver whoever he/she is has their eyes on the road and not on the kids. If the driver lays down the ground rules before takeoff, it can be a smooth ride but most just take off and don't say a word to students who are acting up on a bus. More supervision is needed on buses.
#3 Lisa @ School Family 2009-10-29 14:35
That's awful. So sorry to hear that this system didn't work in this case. I hope that you contacted your school and the transportation office. Some schools don't let kids ride the bus after incidents like this.
#2 maria 2009-10-27 19:05
Sounds great in theory -- except that yesterday, my son came home and seemed upset. A little while later, our neighbor knocked on the door -- his fifth grader confided to him that my little boy, a first grader, was bullied on the bus by a FIFTH GRADE SAFETY PATROL!!!!!!!!! !!!! Friends, yeah, right! And all the other fifth graders joined in laughing at my little boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe in the Brady Bunch, but not in this neighborhood, unfortunately.
#1 Sandra McLeod Humphrey 2009-10-16 15:37
What a great idea--we need more programs like that! When I do school visits to talk about my books, bullying on the school bus and in the lunchroom are two of the most frequent complaints during our discussions about bullying.

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