What's your perception of your school's PTO or PTA group? Do you think it's friendly and hardworking... or cliquey and unwelcoming? If you said the latter, you are not alone.

Connecticut mom, Monica, felt that way about the PTA at her kids' school. In her recent blog post, "To PTA or not PTA" she talks about her shifting perspective of her parent group and the choices she made. She could have been turned off by a seemingly cliquey group and opted to do nothing. Instead, she got involved despite her perception.The quote, "Be the change you want to see in the world", (Ghandi) comes to mind.

Monica started off by volunteering for small things and eventually became the PTA president.

So, was she sucked in? Nope.Somewhere along the way, she realized all the amazing benefits that come along with being involved in your school's parent group.A stronger connection to the school, and higher achieving kids top a long list of reasons to volunteer.

Still not convinced that you should send in that PTO or PTA volunteer form? Then read One Last Dance by Sharron Kahn Luttrell -- a  must-read for any parent who has ever thought about volunteering at school.