The four main coins used in the United States are the penny, nickel, dime, and quarter. Often children find it difficult to distinguish between coins. Young children must be able to recognize different coins, before they can grasp the more difficult concept of coin value. A fun way to practice coin recognition is to play a game I call "Coin Match Value Game" (in the Print and Use section of this site).

To Play: Take a King, a ten card, a five card, and an Ace, of any suit, from the deck. Or, you can go to the "Print & Use Tools" link to print a sheet with a copy of the cards you need. Put the cards, or sheet, face-up on a table. Your child sits facing the cards. Put a pile of mixed coins on the table next to him or her. Place a quarter on the King, a dime on the 10, a nickel on the 5, and a penny on the Ace. Let your child sort the rest of the coins by matching them to the coins on the cards. This “Card-Coin” match is better than sorting coins alone. It allows your child to recognize coins, while subtly reinforcing coin value.