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Do Parent-Teacher Conferences Make you Nervous?

I was talking to a friend yesterday whose oldest child is in kindergarten.  She was telling me that she just sent in the form for her daughter's parent-teacher conference and that she was nervous -- despite the fact her child is doing great. Nervous? I didn't get it. She said that it dredged up her school days. Said that she used get nervous, despite the fact she was a good student, when her parents went to a conference about her. Funny how these feelings can carry over. 

I have always loved going to my kids' parent-teacher conferences, whether I received good news or not. For me, it's a chance to connect with my child's teacher and get a better sense of what's going on at school (fill in all the gaps of what my kids are not telling me)! Right before conferences, I always sit down with my kids and ask them how they think things are going at school, what they like most and least, what they are most proud of, and if there's anything they'd like me to ask the teacher.

Regardless of whether a parent-teacher conferences make you anxious, or how your child is doing in school, it's good to go in with a list of questions. Our Print and Use Tools section has great set of printable questions to ask your teacher.  Also found this article about how to talk to your teacher about your child's progress helpful.  

So do you get a twinge of the back-to-school nerves at parent-teacher conference time? What do you like most/least about the conferences?

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#1 r4ds 2009-11-06 11:11
Well Parent-Teacher Conferences never make me nervous, I prefer to look at the bright side of it. If my kid is lagging in studies then they can be discussed and sorted out.

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