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Don't Let Those Girls Lag in Math & Science

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Recently came across this blog that talks about  encouraging girls to excel in math and science. So I knew that the work force, in these areas, is still male dominated --but I didn't know just how much this is true. This quote from the blog actually left me stunned (and a little appalled):

 Although women make up approximately 50% of the general work force in the U.S., they only represent 9% of workers in the science and engineering community. With such a low percentage of female interest, the government is expecting increased worker shortages through the first decade of the 21st century for the information technology (IT) industry.

Anyone else think these numbers are crazy bad? These numbers are certainly not an indicator of abilities. That's why we need more programs like this "Get Smart Day" that was offered in Wisconsin. 

As a parent of a daughter, the stats mentioned above propelled me to look for info and sites to pass along to parents so they can expose their daughters to the fun side of science and math.  

Found some really great sites to get your daughter started:




Does anyone else have some tips or websites to share with parents of girls? Is your community running any programs to encourage girls to excel in math and science?

Very interested to hear your perspective on how parents  of girls can help foster a love of science and math.

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#1 r4ds 2009-11-06 11:07
Thank you for the encouraging post to educate the girl child in Math & Science.

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