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Helping Children with ADHD Focus at School

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Just came across this blog by Kay Marner about sensory objects that help ADHD kids focus at school. Great stuff! Good teachers are always looking for sensible ways to make classroom accommodations for kids with ADHD. "Fidgeting" has been shown to help ADHD children focus in the classroom.

Enter fidgets. Fidgets = strategies for coping with ADHD.  Blogger Kay describes fidgets as "small objects with a little sensory appeal" that kids can hold in their hands and fiddle with. The idea is that by providing a sensory motor activity a child can do while focusing on the main activity, it helps them stay on task and concentrate.  Doing two things at once can actually help focus the ADHD brain.

 Read Kay Marner's blog for some great suggestions for the full range of fidgets!

If you have some of your own favorite strategies to help kids with ADHD focus in the classroom, please be to sure to share with others in our comments section! 


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