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A Simple but Powerful Children's Gift Idea

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During this holiday and gift-giving season, we are often confused and/or conflicted about what to buy the children in our lives. Because we want to see their little eyes light up in delight, we may be tempted to forgo anything that seems too "educational"- like books.

Actually, books are the perfect gift. Literature might not ellicit "oohs and aahs," but be patient. After your kids have become tired of their new, shiny toys and bored with the video games, they will pick up a new book and start reading.

Of course, you might have to remind them about the books (or even sit down and read with them), but it is well worth it.

Children that read well are more likely to:

  • have high self-esteem.
  • read for pleasure as adults.
  • have fewer behavior problems.
  • have fewer illnesses and missed school days.
  • choose the “right” kind of friends.
  • finish high school and attend college.
  • earn more money over their entire lifetimes (and, hopefully, not end up living in your basement).

A love of reading is the ultimate gift -- any time of the year.

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