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At What Age Should You Give Your Child a Cell Phone?

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There's always a lot of discussion amongst parents about what is the right age to get your child a cell phone. Well this article from local paper shares the middle school student's perspective on when to give kids cell phones.  If you're a parent of a tween or teen, you'll get a kick out of this compilation of kids's essays.  Their words will make you smile -- lines like cell phones are a privilege (not a right) makes you think maybe they are listening after all!

Are you down to the wire about a cell phone phone for your middle schooler for Christmas?Maybe this article will help.  But be forewarned,  just because these tweens use words like  invoke, laudable, and endeavor  (vocab words of the week?!?) doesn't necessarily mean they are responsible enough to have a cell phone.  It all comes down to a case by case decision.

What do YOU think is the right age to have cell phone? More importantly, what are the rules in your house around cell phone use?



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#2 Marlenedior 2010-03-28 19:06
As a parent, I think the best age to give kids a cell phone is just when they graduate from 5th grade and are about to enter middle school. But beware parents, don't get them started on one of those contract phones that includes all the apps, games, unlimited everything and cost a monthly fortune! This might only make them addicted to their new toy. Instead, start them off on a prepaid phone, something ilke NET10 which is affordable and accessible. I got my kid a NET10 LG300G as a graduation gift and he loves it. He only uses it occasionally and since it he's never had all the fancy add ons, he doesn't miss it. At 10 cents a minute and 5 cents a text the monthly bill is about $20 - that's with some 170 minutes usage a month. So far it's been great. Definitely the best way to introduce kids to his technology.
#1 Seline 2009-12-31 02:11
This is a riot! Loved reading what the middle schoolers wrote. We gave our 7th grader a cell phone for Christmas and according to her she was the last one of her friends to get one - ha! She has a bunch of rules to adhere to we take the phone back. One thing we have told her is she is not to use the phone unless absolutely necessary when she is a friend's parents car. I HATE it when her friends carry on conversations in our car like we are not even there!

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