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Grandparents Can Play an Important Role In Educating Young Children


Research confirms the importance of grandparents in a child’s life.  The time that grandparents spend, their patience, and their full-life experiences are invaluable to grandchildren.

Grandparents are a wonderful resource of knowledge and unconditional love.

The recent loss of my mother-in-law, Mimi, has me reflecting on all she did to help and support my children, her youngest grandchildren. She was always interactive and interested in what they were doing. She was kind and loving, yet set clear boundaries for behavior.  She was upbeat, enjoyable, and loved life.I will always value her vital role in nurturing my children.

Here are some tips for grandparents to help nurture and educate young grandchildren:

  • Play board or card games that parents might not have time to play. These will promote math, reading, and following directions skills.
  • Share a hobby or interest that is important to you
  • Read stories and poems to help enhance phonemic awareness
  • Do simple arts and crafts to improve fine motor skills
  • Tell your grandchildren stories of when their parent was young (Children love that!)
  • Share traditions by making photo albums or scrapbooking
  • Cook together, for math and science skills

Treasure the value that grandparents can bring to the education of young children.

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#1 jeff longenecker 2010-01-15 15:31
I counldn't agree more. My grandmother not only taught academic skills but she taught me to love challenges, be adventurous and laugh when you fall down. All those valuable life skills which serve me well as an adult. I am grateful for having such a grandparent.

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