Math facts + word problems + graphing ... does this add up to math anxiety for you and your child or does it equal fun? If you said anxiety you are not alone. I must confess that I was once in that camp as well. Math was never my favorite subject as child. When my children entered elementary school I resolved not to pass along my biases.  I quickly learned that math is taught dramatically different now, than back in the day, shall we say?  There is a lot, as parents, we can do to not only help our children succeed in math, but also like it! I just came across some articles that are good reads for math-phobic parents (or really any parent of school-age children).

The first is story about a school that sponsored  a Family Lego Night. Their goal was to show parent's how they can increase their kid's math skills through play. So important to realize that math is not just about solving equations on paper and doing flash cards. 

Also enjoyed reading this blog that provided five tips for making math fun for your child. She provides some great tips for incorporating math lessons into your everyday life.

Add to these some excellent math tips, ideas, and printables and you just may be changing your mind about math too.