Just came across this blog called "Fed-up: School Lunch Project" and was very intrigued. I've read with great interest countless articles about what parents are doing to reform school lunches, and how to have healthy school kids, but thought that this blog was unique. For starters, it's written by a teacher.  This teacher decided to eat school lunches (the same ones that students eat)  every day in 2010 and chronicle her gastronomic adventures. Yes, she is writing about what she eats (well sometimes eats) in her school lunch every day. The simplicity of it is almost Seinfeld-esque.  

What I like about her blog is that she is making a point about what our kids are fed in school cafeterias without shouting about it:

 Let's think about what we give students to ingest. For instance, I personally enjoy eating hot dogs maybe every 4-6 months, mostly in the summer cooked on a grill. Also I eat them when I go to the ballpark as a special treat. But I wonder if we should give a child a hot dog lunch and then ask them to take the ISAT (state test)... 

As parents of school-age children, I thought you might be interested in following her blog as well.

Also interested in hearing how the lunch menus at your child's school to hers? Have you tried to champion a healthy eating campaign at your school? Tell us about it.